The Moderation Movement

The Moderation Movement

We have those months were we abstain from alcohol, dry January, dry July, sober October, maybe even a fitness program like 75 hard...but the problem with these 'time' focused're most likely to fall straight 'back' onto the bandwagon (and some of you enjoyed a few to many the night before starting).

These work similarly to the diet culture we've been forever trying to reprogram as humans. 'I'll start Monday', and what to do we do, eat the entire cupboards of anything slightly tempting only to restrict ourselves to the point of bingeing.

And so we start again, welcome to the yo-yo. Our drinking culture is much the same, ever said the words'I'm never drinking again' as you wake up with your head pounding? Only to make it to Friday and 'it's wine time'?

A country known for it's binge drinking, drinking related problems and 1 in 4 (25%) past-year drinkers have drunk hazardously in a way that can harm themselves or others. We have to ask ourselves 'how can we be better' there has to be a way. And there is.

We're all about living a Finer life, things are looking better with the rise in 0% options, (especially our carefully curated and designed cocktails). An industry statistic that says 80% of drinkers are looking to drink less or abstain altogether, how exciting!

Imagine how much happier and energetic we will be!

In the just released annual Stats NZ survey year ending December 2022 [i], the number of standard drinks (a standard drink contains 10 grams of alcohol) has fallen in the past year by 1% to 1.96 per day in 2022 which is the lowest number of standard drinks per person in the past 15 years [ii].

At Finery, we're all about making better choices, not restriction.

What does your day look like the next day, what do you enjoy doing (and honestly how much more enjoyable is it without a dirty hangover), how can you be social and enjoy quality time with loved ones, and enjoy the next day?

Welcome to The Moderation Movement.

This means, yes enjoy your beverage of choice, drink water and 0% cocktails in between. Or drink 0% and enjoy them, save the alcohol and calories for other social soiree's.


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