Introducing Finery Cocktails

Introducing Finery Cocktails

If there are to be any perfect summer drinks, the new Finery cocktails must be them. Blending honest ingredients such as aromatic botanicals, vodka soda and delicate fruit juices, these refreshing beverages suit being sipped with friends over fine food and good conversation. They’re the best news this summer.

Think classic vodka soda cocktails shaken with a juicy twist. The flavour combination in this new wave of all natural cocktails is perfectly on point. Four subtle taste concoctions embrace clean flavours, all inspired by nature.

Created by The Fine People, the ultimate summer’s day fresh cocktail is the Grapefruit Cucumber and Mint. Or enjoy an uplifting aromatic ginger kick with Ginger, Green Tea, Honey, Mint and Lemon. Vanilla and Elderflower is addictively smooth and sweet, while Lemon Myrtle, Lime and Black Tea is everyone’s favourite classic Vodka, Lime and Soda all dressed up.

“We love to make better choices with our food, so why not with our social drinks of choice too?” says The Fine People co-founder Jane Allan. “There’s nothing better than a delicious cocktail – and to have a handy all-in-one solution with no undesirable ingredients was at the top of our bucket list when creating our flavours. We hope you enjoy these as much as we do.”

Each recipe is unpasteurised and free from sugar, carbohydrates and gluten to capture the taste of every delicious element in its glory. All except Ginger and Green tea, are vegan friendly.

Just as The Fine People’s drink flavours are inspired by nature, so is their business approach, ensuring minimal environmental footprint with recyclable cans and packaging, and production and packaging taking place in Auckland.

Convenient and with no spills, these cocktails are for the discerning drinker – the sought-after drink for grown-ups with good taste.

For more information please contact the Fine People on 022 155 1018 or email

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