FMCG Business August 2022

FMCG Business August 2022

Jane Allan of Finery Cocktails is a finalist in Soda’s Rise Up competition, created to encourage and support globally ambitious female founders. Selected from over 70 finalists, Allan will participate in Soda’s programme before pitching her business to the likes of Anna Mowbray and Maree Glading on 17th August 2022.

Allan launched Finery in 2019 to challenge the perception of pre-mixed alcohol beverages, crafting a premium range for the discerning, mature market and answering key consumer wants with a “better for you” natural, sugar and preservative free, locally made option.

As a first-to-market 0% founder for New Zealand, Finery has experienced significant ation of international markets very quickly. Finery has since entered the Australian and Asian markets, with a further two in the pipeline for 2022. Allan says: “Finery was conceived using our thoughts and values around clean eating and drinking, being consumption conscious, staying focused on our core values around premium ingredients, quality production and being environmentally conscious. This led us to develop our successful 0% range.”

What sets Finery’s drinks apart are the considered blends of fruits, teas and botanicals, creating a unique taste sensation. These are natural honest flavours with no added sugar and, except for the ginger and green tea, are vegan-friendly. The range consists of thirst-quenching flavours: grapefruit, cucumber and mint; vanilla and elderflower; lemon myrtle, lime and black tea; and ginger, green tea, honey, mint and lemon.

Allan is delighted to share the finalist spotlight with five other female founded businesses with global potential. Finery is the only beverage brand in the finals.

For trade or investment enquiries contact Jane Allan on 021 752 356, or

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